BJP Government Wins Confidence Motion in Maharashtra AssemblyBJP Government Wins Confidence Motion in Maharashtra Assembly

BJP Government Wins Confidence Motion in Maharashtra Assembly

Mumbai, Wednesday

Devendra Fadnavis From BJP Government Wins The Confidence Motion in Maharashtra Assembly.


It was a big day for BJP in Maharastra, BJP Party leader Devendra Fadnavis was able to proof the confidence motion in the assembly through voice voting. Devendra Fadnavis got the unconditional support from Congress’s former ally NCP during the voting. After voice voting NCP leaders walkout from the house, while Shiv Sena and Congress started protesting this and demanded for division on voting machine to record their votes. In the entire drama and controversy the assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagde announced “The motion has been passed” and moved on to other agenda. In between Congress and Shiv Sena walked out of the assembly, both the parties contended that they will approach Governor.

After a while in evening Governor C Vidyasagar Rao made his arrival in the assembly to make an address to new the Government, but Congress and Shiv Sena legislators stopped his car in assembly way, and made him difficult to come out of his car. Few congress and shiv sena legislators even try to manhandle the Governor in which Governor C Vidyasagar Rao got injured. 5 Congress MLA’s were found guilty and assembly speaker banned those 5 MLAs for 2 Years.

On the other hand Congress party leaders called it a “black day for democracy.” The party’s Prithiviraj Chavan, called Mr Fadnavis’ government an “illegitimate government.”

Shiv Sena’s Leader Ramdas Kadam said that “BJP government has betrayed the people. You have to prove majority”