First Ebola Case Has Been Traced In India

New Delhi, The first Ebola case has been traced in India. Tuesday, A young man who has been scanned at Delhi airport has been found infected with Ebola virus. This man was coming from Ebola affected country Liberia, Although no symptoms were found in the patient, but trace of Ebola were deducted in the samples given by him. The patient has been admitted to hospital and treatment has been started on this guy.

According to sources, He informed doctors that he was infected with Ebola and undergone the treatment in Liberia for the same, he also has official proof that he recovered from his illness.

During a complete scan on New Delhi Airport, few traces of Ebola virus were found in his semen sample and within few minutes of confirmation he has been transferred to Hospital. The patient is being closely monitored by an expert team of doctors. However, Doctors informed that trace of the virus may remain in semen for 90 days, even after recovery of infected patients and this virus could reach in another body due to sexual activity. Notably, back in August Indian government has formed a special cell for tracing the Ebola Virus on all Airport Ports at time 6 suspected patients were traced who came back to India from Liberia. Since then, this is a first confirmed case of Ebola in India.

Health Minister JP Nadda said ” The 26 year old guy who arrived from Liberia on Tuesday, has been scanned by doctors and found traces of Ebola. It was a case of high risk patient, he has been undergoing treatment in Liberia for Ebola Virus. When he came to India, he was kept under observation of trained doctors. That person is also kept in isolation and a situation is being closely monitored. We are taking all the cautious measures and there is no need to panic. The situation is under control,”

The Ebola virus has become fear throughout the world. 8399 people have already been infected with this virus. According to WHO approx 4033 people killed due to this virus mostly in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.