Gajendra’s death was accident, not suicide: Police Report

A new twist in Gajendra Singh suicide case. The report has been filed by forensic experts and delhi police department. According to reports Gajendra Singh, Rajasthan based farmer who hung himself in AAP Kisan rally was not intended to commit suicide, there is a significant possibility that his death happened due to accidental fall from tree.

Forensic experts have diagnose that Gajendra’s death resulted from suffocation. Police investigated the case on the bases of photographs and reported that he probably wearing a gamcha in form of slipknot on his neck just to attract of public attention at the same time his foot slipped which tightened the slipknot and choked his throat which resulted his death.

The police also claimed in his report that police sought the staircase and help of trained staff and fire department to save his life. According to the report, “The people who came to the rally provoked him after which he took step of suicide, AAP Volunteers then climbed the tree to take him off, but they were not trained for such work.

Delhi Police also targeted Delhi govt’s SDM, who visited the hospital and morgue to investigate the case. Reports says SDM said that he is appointed by Delhi Govt. for an authorized magisterial interrogation of this case. He has also asked an immediate post-mortem of Gajendra’s body and his body should be kept in the morgue. But when local Police asked the written orders of the Delhi Government, He was failed to show those orders.