Supreme Court Judge: People Must Adopt Ancient Indian Values

Saturday 2nd August, AHMEDABAD 

Supreme Court Judge “A.R Dave” Suggested that Indians should practice and return to their ancient Indian traditional values, as this will help people to understand each other and live peacefully.

Justice Dave given the statement while speaking on “Contemporary issues and challenges of human rights in the era of globalization” during an international conference held at Ahemdabad Gujrat on Saturday.
He said “Our old traditions such as “Guru Shishya Parampara” is lost, if it had been there, we would not have had all these problems (violence and terrorism) in our country”

The conference had been organised by Gujarat Law Society (GLS).

He also said “We see terrorism in most of democratic countries. If everyone has been given good thoughts and moral in a country then they’ll become a Good humans, and they will have knowledge to elect somebody who is very good, and then that leader will never think of damaging anybody.”

He also said, “People who are very secular or the so-called secular might not agree with me, but if I had been a dictator, I would have propose The Gita and The Mahabharata as a subject from Class One because they teaches us how to live life and and grow… I am sorry If somebody says me as secular or I am not secular.. But if somewhere something is good then we should not hesitate to adopt it.”