Katiyabaaz Movie Review – Trailer, Songs and LyricsKatiyabaaz Movie Review – Trailer, Songs and Lyrics

Katiyabaaz Movie Review – Trailer, Songs and Lyrics

Katiyabaaz Movie Details


This Friday 22 August 2014,  a new documentary movie has been released named Katiyabaaz (Ktiabaj) The Meaning of Katiyabaaz is the one who steals electricity by hooking the electricity wires on the power lines.

The film is directed by Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa.

Movie name: Katiyabaaz  (Powerless in USA)

Language: Hindi | English

Release Date: April 2013 (USA), 22 August 2014 (India)

Filming Locations: Kanpur, Uttar Pradest, India

Directors: Deepti Kakkar, Fahad Mustafa

Writer: Fahad Mustafa (story)



The movie was earlier released in 2013 in USA as “Power-less”, most of the internet lovers might know and have watched the movie earlier than it’s release On 22nd August 2014 in India. Although the movie was released in USA earlier but the movie is based on city Kanpur and on a very common problem of entire India the “Power Outrage”.

Katiyabaaz Story


Katiyabaaz is the story of Kanpur city in Uttar Pradesh, where there were four hundred factories, but now only two hundred factories left in present day due to shortage of power.

The documentary has shown the suffering of the people who are facing 15-18 hours power cut in the city.

The main character of this film is Loha Singh, He is a famous Katiyabaaz in the Kanpur city. Loha Singh hook electricity wires on power lines to supply electricity to the peoples for little fee and feels proud of this work because he think, that he is helping people suffering from power outrage.

Another main character in the Movies is a well educated female officer whose name is Ritu Maheshwari who works in electricity department under bankrupt government, She is honest and strictly keep ask locals to pay their electricity dues on time and honestly. She also start a campaign against all the electricity thieves, which make her as a villain in public’s eye.

The best part about this film is that despite being a documentary movie you will enjoy it as a commercial movie. The film story is not one sided, this movie raises finger on the system not on one person. It will make a common man think after all, who is responsible for this situation and how the public, politicians and bureaucrats are fighting their own battles to maye the system work, but it is a fight in which no one truly wins.

The Credit goes to the director of the movie who directed the documentary in a entertaining and interesting story which makes you think and as well as entertain you, The film has hero, villain, politicians, emotion, drama, action and entertainment.

The movie will surely attract the audience who live in small towns or villages or in cities where there are electricity poles and wire but no Electricity supply.