Top tips for taking the perfect blog photographsTop tips for taking the perfect blog photographs

Top tips for taking the perfect blog photographs

These days, photographs are a hugely important part of blogging. Gone are the days of wall-to-wall text with small pictures interspersed. The current style is good quality, high resolution, unique, large photographs. Knowing how to take the best photos will help your blog succeed, so here’s some handy tips:

Choose your subject well

The picture should either sum up the topic of your blog post or highlight a key point within it. It doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation but it does have to convey your message accurately.

Think about framing and background

Ensure that everything that is in your shot is there for a reason. If you’re taking a shot of something on your kitchen table, is that oven glove hanging on the wall in the background there on purpose? If you left it in accidentally, does it detract from the focus of the object you’re portraying? Add props to a shot to enhance the effect of the photograph, think about colours while you do so. A well framed photograph should have everything in that is needed and nothing that is not.

Use the correct lighting

Lighting is the key to clear photographs. Usually strong daylight is best to showcase objects, especially if you’re blogging to sell or promote merchandise. If you can’t always get good daylight, invest in a daylight lamp rather than relying on artificial light. For other shots, lighting such as twilight or candlelight may be more appropriate. Consider the direction of your light source; experiment with different lighting angles.

Get to know your camera

Digital cameras have a handy point and shoot facility but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your photo. Most have a range of pre-determined settings such as ‘beach’, ‘cloudy’, ‘indoors’, ‘party’ etc that will alter image. Don’t be afraid to use a setting that doesn’t match what you’re doing. They may have called it ‘fireworks’ but if it does something magical to your indoor macro shot, use it! The more you experiment with the settings, the better you’ll get to know your camera and what it is capable of. That’s the beauty of digital cameras, you can take shot after shot without it costing any extra.

Don’t expect to be an expert shutterbug immediately; practice makes perfect! –