Top 10 Destinations Where You Can Throw Things at Your Group

Ever get a little cranky and need to vent when traveling together? Maybe it’s you or maybe it’s someone your with. But if you can plan ahead (together) you may be able to take your frustrations out, in the name of cultural exploration, on your group.

Here are the Top 10-o-rama places where you are allowed to throw things at your group:

10. World Record Water Balloon Fight. Various colleges across the USA. Various US colleges have been battling for the record. The most recent assent on the record was at the University of Kentucky.

9. La Tomatina. Bunol, Spain. – 50K travelers invade this tiny Spanish town each year to take part in the most famous food fight in the world. It lasts an hour and is a complete and total tempest of tomatoes.


8. Guts and Organs. Halloween UK. This crazy, pretty disgusting one-off event happened this Halloween – probably not the bet idea for family travel ideas. (You’ve got to check out this crazy weird video, warning some of you will not like it!)

7. World Custard Pie Championships. Kent, UK. This inspired by Charlie Chaplin event, has been running since 1967. During the contest eating the custard is not only accepted but encouraged.

6. Songkran Water Fight. Thailand. This is a Buddhist festival focusing on having fun that crosses all of Thailand filling the streets with water pistols, buckets of water and huge lumps of foam.

5. Rags, Mud, Vinegar and Ants. Galicia, Spain. Again, this is not a festival for the feint of heart. It’s a thousand year old festival, so it has that going for it. But frankly, there is not much else fun about this. And, the ants bite.

4. Meringue War. Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain. This Spanish festival sees 200 lbs. of food, mostly sweets, but also pies and some cereal, flung all over the streets – and at all passers by too. No one is safe.

3. Els Enfarinats. Ibi, Spain. This one takes the cake…literally as an epic battle of flour and eggs that takes over the town. And even better, its profits go to charity!

2. Wasserslacht. Berlin, Germany. This is the number one throw stuff at your group because it’s between two districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg in Berlin that never liked each other and it has an edge. Rotten fruit, salted herring and other stinky food that could really hurt are all in play.

1. Holi “Gulaal” Throwing Festival. India. This famous annual festival takes place around the world and involves lots and lots of colorful powder being dropped, flung, and deposited lavishly over everyone. Everyone in the festival zone is a target. If you can keep your camera lens clean you’ll get some incredible / vibrant pics.

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