Vcall Global - Telecom Billing OSS

Vcall Global has been delivering profound services in business process outsourcing ever since 2003. The deliverance of exceptional results gained us projects from well-known companies in the segment of healthcare, travel and tourism, real estate and insurance. Our clientele has expanded not just to the private sectors but the government departments as well. We have pre-defined goals for every day and with the presence of excellent management team we make it an assiduous attempt to meet these goals. This is perhaps what set us apart from our competitors and it has helped us achieve our own niche in the market. From an outsourced call center services we gradually expanded our services to:
• Interactive Voice Response
• Telecom Billing System and OSS Solution
• Customer Relationship Management and
• Data Analytics Services
We have created an aura for ourselves not just in one segment but all of these segments as cited above. We are proud to boast that we have successfully created an exceptional place for ourselves in the market.