The Truth Behind The Modern Hype With Keratin Hair Treatments

The more facts you discover about a keratin hair treatment, the easier it becomes to determine whether or not this is the perfect option for you. A little education is the best thing you can do in order to step into a hairstyling salon for this kind of procedure. One thing is for sure though – keratin treatments are by far the hottest solutions in the beauty world these days. They underline a trend that more and more people adhere too. However, just like for any other type of therapy, you probably ask yourself whether or not it is actually safe for you. A few facts will answer most of your questions.

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Understanding what a keratin treatment is

A keratin treatment is practically a therapy meant to straighten your hair without exposing it to the regular harmful effects of irons. It is also more durable and efficient, so it works greatly against natural curls and frizz, especially after you wash your hair. Aside from the straight style, your hair will benefit from extra shine and brightness too. Just like any other treatment, the keratin hair treatment is not permanent either. Instead, you might have to go through it at every three or four months. It is still a lot better than a classic hair straightener. It might be a little risky too, since it is a chemical procedure. This is why it is also done so rarely. However, there are not any known cases of severe complications or side effects. Just stay away from it if you have a sensitive scalp and you should be fine. Moreover, leave yourself in the professional hands.

How keratin hair treatments work

Knowing how keratin works can help you make wiser decisions and give you a well deserved peace of mind. Keratin is naturally secreted inside the body, but it is also used with such chemical purposes. The formaldehyde in keratin will ensure the brightness and straightness coming with this treatment. While formaldehyde can be risky, an authentic treatment will provide a safe amount of it, hence the necessity to rely on an actual professional. It has an unpleasant odor for a while, but it goes away pretty fast. Its side effects are almost null if you respect the safety procedures recommended by your hairstylist. Besides, it should not be used by people with a sensitive scalp. It should not even touch the scalp, but only the hair.

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